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How long can sushi and rolls be stored? Expiry date of sushi and rolls

How long can sushi and rolls be stored? Expiry date of sushi and rolls

When we enjoy Asian cuisine in a restaurant or cafe, the question of how much sushi can be stored is the last thing we care about. By default, this dish is served to the table as soon as the cook has prepared it.

The path from the hands of a culinary specialist to our stomach is minimal. But what if this distance is somewhat extended, for example, we prepare for receiving guests in advance and prepare these dishes ourselves or order the day before (although this is not the best option, since the delivery service works smoothly)? Knowledge of special rules is indispensable.

Cold that does not turn into frost
First, a small excursion into the history of this delicious food. Initially, people were not worried about the shelf life of sushi and rolls, but the safety of the cargo transported in the holds of ships: the fish transported in barrels was poured with rice. This storage method allowed ships to deliver the delicate product unspoiled. Later, someone thought that it was a pity to throw away so much rice, and began to prepare the first sushi: pieces of raw and cooked fish or seafood on boiled rice balls.

This is how sushi differs from rolls, which are a wide variety of fillings wrapped in rice and seaweed leaves. This difference also determines some differences in the conditions and shelf life of Asian products: open rice dries faster, and open filling is a tidbit not only for us, but also for various pathogenic microbes. Therefore, the shelf life of the rolls can be considered at least slightly, but longer. But in general, the earlier sushi and rolls are eaten, the more they correspond to the title of truly healthy food.

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Each product and finished culinary product has its own expiration date, determined by the corresponding TU - technical condition. This is a kind of instructions for manufacturing and storage. The culinary rules explain how much ready-made rolls and sushi can be stored. According to the regulations, delicate Asian guests of our table can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 18 hours, while the temperature range is from + 2 ° C to + 6 ° C.

No freezing, especially sushi. If we put them in the freezer even for a short time, we get:

dry rice after freezing;
spoiled appearance (it's like comparing a herbarium with fresh flowers);
tastes that have changed not for the better.
Only fish is subjected to deep industrial freezing, from which sushi and rolls are then made. You can't do without it, the road from the ocean to our restaurant is long. Well, the well-known culinary rule: once frozen, you cannot re-freeze. In Asia, where fresh raw fish is used, the question of how to store ready-made rolls will cause confusion, bordering on shock. Such products are eaten immediately after preparation.

    Although deep freezing has its advantages: in this way possible parasites are destroyed. Incorrect storage can lead to bacteria and other unwanted guests settling in the Asian treat.

    How long rolls can be stored in the refrigerator depends on the filling. If they contain any animal protein (fish and seafood also belong to them), they can be stored on the refrigerator shelf for no more than a day. This applies to such filling:

    meat, including poultry;
    smoked meats;
    The same applies to sushi.

    If caviar is present in the filling, the shelf life of ready-made sushi and rolls is halved: they stand in the refrigerator for no more than 12 hours.

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    The longest shelf life of rolls is 2 days, this applies to products with plant components (fruits, vegetables). Although vegan rolls are also best cooked just before serving, so that the vegetable fiber is as juicy as possible. For example, sliced ​​cucumbers instantly lose moisture. Therefore, vegetarian and other rolls and sushi with cucumber should be eaten as soon as possible, otherwise we will not feel this wonderful cucumber crunch and its fresh taste.

    A separate item is warm sushi. They cannot be stored at all, they are eaten immediately after preparation or home delivery.

    If you cook your own Asian food from products that you buy yourself, try to choose the freshest fish and meat, pay attention to the expiration date and do not put these products in long-term storage. An important point: the shorter the path from the counter to the set table, the tastier, healthier and safer the food. This is especially true for frozen fish: it must be put into operation as soon as it is thawed. Be sure to inquire about the origins of soft cheeses, as you can often find counterfeits with palm oil on the shelves.

    Proper packaging is the key to success
    How much sushi can be stored in the refrigerator depends not only on the type of product, but also on how it is packaged. If you bought it in a store or left a restaurant with a plastic box with a half-eaten one, you should know: such a container is only suitable for transportation, and not for a long time. At home, transfer to ceramics or glass, tighten with foil and then store depending on the filling.

    The shelf life of sushi in the refrigerator without a protective film is very short: both the rice ball and what is on it dry out very quickly. It is better to store rolls under the film, especially if they are already cut. If you are cooking Japanese food yourself and want to surprise your guests, it is better to put a whole roll in storage and cut it into neat rolls just before serving. Of course, after taking it out, so that the dish warms up to room temperature.

    The film is suitable only for storage in the refrigerator: if you tighten it on a dish that is in a warm place, we get an ideal incubator for the reproduction of various pathogens. Such a delicious and nutritious Petri dish (and expensive, which is important). Therefore, it is important to know how long rolls are stored without a refrigerator: no more than three hours. Sushi and even less. After this time, rice balls and rolls lose their taste and become unsafe.

    A prerequisite for storage outside the refrigerator is darkness and relative coolness.

    It is not recommended to start a meal if the rice and filling have acquired a sour smell, have changed their color, and the rice has turned gray and began to crumble. A third-party smell can also appear when stored without film: sushi and rolls absorb the aromas of other products stored nearby.

    What to do if there is nowhere to store: a secret from our restaurant
    As you can see, it is not enough to be able to properly cook Asian cuisine and be able to skillfully wield wooden chopsticks instead of a fork and knife. The art of making sushi and rolls can rival the art of storing them correctly in the refrigerator and without it. Therefore, the easiest option is to order ready-made rolls and sushi in our restaurant.

    Instead of walking around the markets for a long time in search of the right products and studying their origin, painstaking work of folding and cutting, the hassle of ensuring freshness and safety, you can simply dial a phone number or order your favorite food on the Internet.

    Entrust your troubles to us! And soon the courier will deliver you delicious fresh sushi and rolls made from quality natural products.