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What do they drink from sushi? Sushi drinks perfect!

What do they drink from sushi? Sushi drinks perfect!

Traditionally, sushi is a popular Japanese dish made with rice, seafood, fish and seaweed. Over the past few years, sushi has spread around the world and replaced traditional office workers' meals.

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Sushi has a peculiar taste, so they are used to drinking something down. Know what etiquette goes with sushi. All suitable drinks can be divided into the following groups:

alcoholic or non-alcoholic;
warm or cool;
sweet or savory.
We advise you to try different options, just (spoiler!) Don't drink sweets (we'll tell you why later).

Combination with alcoholic beverages
Modern restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines from around the world. Sushi and rolls are delicious Japanese cuisine with sweet, salty and pungent flavors. The usual companions of this Japanese dish are wasabi, soy sauce, and ginger. In order not to interrupt the original taste of such a simple and at the same time complex dish, it is necessary to choose the right alcoholic drink.

Rolls are exotic rolls with various fillings. This dish is very finicky and is not combined with every drink. Perhaps that is why the rolls attract gourmets.

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There are many answers to the question of how to drink sushi and rolls.


The traditional drink served with this dish is sake. Sake is a rice vodka, although according to the principle of obtaining a drink it looks more like beer or wine, while its strength does not exceed twenty degrees. It is a delusion that the Japanese drink sake warmed to 40 ° C. They drink sake warmed in cold weather and chilled in hot weather. Europeans are accustomed to chilled sake. Sake is served in ceramic jugs (clay, porcelain) without handles, and they are drunk from miniature ceramic cups without handles.


A modern and quite suitable combination is sushi and beer. The foamy drink emphasizes all the taste characteristics of this dish. And in order not to interrupt the taste with the bitterness, it is necessary to take a weak light beer. This tandem is a great way to spend friendly evenings.


An alternative beer is wine. Moreover, there are many varieties of it that are combined with this dish. Therefore, you need to figure out what kind of wine sushi is eaten with.

Rolls and wine from plums are a great tandem. There are many varieties of this drink. To give it a golden color, honey is added during cooking, and with green tea it turns greenish.

Plum wine is a rarity at the moment. White vintage wine is used as an alternative to this rarity.

Gourmets appreciate its delicate taste when combined with sushi. This drink will emphasize the pleasant taste of seafood. For each type of dish, you need to select your own type of wine. For example, Chardonnay is recommended for sushi with crab or shrimp.

The ideal sushi wine is rosé. This versatile drink will suit any type of sushi and will help you experience the original taste of each dish. Dry rose varieties are better than semi-sweet ones, since the latter are dessert drinks. For Japanese cuisine the best will be French dry wine Beaujolais Rose. It is served chilled to 10 ° C.

Red wine lovers know that it goes well with meat, but will it go well with seafood? Gourmets think not very much, as red wine contains a lot of tannins, resulting in a certain metallic flavor. Still, there are several red wine varieties that are suitable for sushi with oily fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel. This is Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon. They best emphasize the flavors of American rolls with cream cheese and Philadelphia.

As you can see, there are many answers to the question of which wine goes well with sushi. But you can not drink wine alone!

Soft drinks paired with sushi
When you order sushi for work or at the moment alcohol is not for you, alcoholic drinks can be replaced with non-alcoholic ones. But what they drink from sushi, now let's figure it out.


The Japanese prefer to consume their traditional dish with green or herbal teas. Tea bags will not work - it must be brewed according to special rules. Some people prefer regular black tea, only it must be consumed without sugar, because salty and sweet do not go well with each other.

Green tea contains many enzymes that aid in digestion. Thanks to the light aroma of this drink, you can feel the full taste of any recipe. The rolls are quite spicy, so it will be very useful to wash them down with green tea to cool your mouth a little.

Tea is brewed in a teapot - ceramic or porcelain. The teapot is preliminarily rinsed inside and outside with boiling water, so that the teapot heats up and does not lose temperature when brewing tea. Pour tea leaves with hot water, but not boiling water. After the first time the tea is poured, it is drained and not drunk. They start drinking it after it has been brewed again and insisted for up to 5 minutes. The infusion is removed from the tea to prevent it from "overbrewing". Follow these simple guidelines, and you will be able to prepare an unusual taste and aroma of green tea, which is perfect for any sushi set.


Freshly squeezed juice is a great addition to sushi. Evaluate the combination of rolls and such fresh juices:

Non-alcoholic beer and mineral water are also good sushi additions for those who temporarily do not drink alcohol.

What doesn't fit
But sweet carbonated drinks, shakes, which contain a huge amount of sugar, are not recommended to be served with sushi. When combined with seafood, these drinks can impair digestion. Indeed, for the digestion of salty and protein foods, the pancreas must produce the necessary enzymes, and sugar is broken down with the help of other substances. The result is indigestion, a gurgling stomach, and other unpleasant consequences.

Dairy and fermented milk drinks are definitely not suitable! You don't even need to explain why.

It is not customary to serve sushi with drinks such as vodka, cognac and whiskey, because this shows ignorance of Japanese traditions.

How to properly serve sushi and rolls with drinks
What alcohol goes with sushi and what soft drinks can be served, we figured out. It remains to decide how to arrange all this beautifully.

So, if the dinner is for "teetotalers" and you settled on green tea, prepare a teapot made of clay and small cups into which this drink will be poured.

If you are planning an evening where you will drink strong alcohol, then a decanter and small cups made of porcelain, clay or wood would be an excellent option. Weaker alcohol for sushi, such as wine and beer, are usually poured into bulk glasses and glasses.

As for the dishes themselves, the shape of the dishes for them differs from the traditional one. For centuries, the Japanese living in cramped quarters have come up with (and we have learned from them) to serve sushi in a square or rectangular dish. This allows you to efficiently and economically fill the table space.

To choose the right cutlery, you need to calculate the number of people. You can buy a whole set of ready-made sushi dishes for one, two or more people. One set includes the following accessories:

a plate for the dish itself;
a plate for ginger;
saucer for sauces;
sake cup.
As you can see, it is very easy to choose drinks for sushi and rolls. Traditional Japanese isn't the only viable option.